Here’s a mini photo-tribute to our many kinds of heirloom tomatoes, which are finally starting to ripen.


Marvel Striped Tomato

These are pretty delicious, but there are very few of them and their shape renders them useless as a slicing tomato. The few that we’ve picked also had some black infected areas around the top. They take a long time to ripen – from green to yellow to red.



Oaxacan Pink Tomato

Definitely a keeper for next year. Heirloom tomatoes produce an incredible variety of different sized and shaped tomatoes on the same vine. Here you can see a crazy lumpy tomato (I read that this is caused by a defect in the flower) growing right next to a nice round tomato. These two are fairly large – we’ve been pulling the Oxacan Pink tomatoes from the vines in the front yard for a month now. The pink tomatoes in the front have, for the most part, been small (nearly cherry-sized) and round.

Amana Orange Tomato

Again, a definite keeper for next year! These ones are finally starting to ripen, and we have 6 or 8 of them waiting to be picked. They’re rather large, and not too juicy – a perfect slicing tomato for a veggie burger or sandwich! (Again, another funky-looking one above!)


Prize of the Trails Cherry Tomato

These dark orange cherries are delicious… but they’re really too big to just pop into your mouth!

We also have Early Red Tomatoes (which, by the way, were not “early” at all) and Roma Tomatoes – they’re both starting to produce a lot, but the pictures aren’t as exciting as these ones.

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