Speaking of plants that don’t grow in Minnesota…

mango sprout
I sprouted a Mango!

Quite surprising, because Chris cut into the pit, and I salvaged what I could of the seed inside. Now, if only the avocados would sprout…

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2 Responses

  1. Ethan and I unintentionally sprouted an avocado… We didn’t eat it when we should have, and then when we cut it open, it was extremely… unpleasant, brown and stringy. But the pit had started to split open and a tiny plant was starting to sprout. I tried to grow it into a plant, but I neglected it and it dried out. Anyway, if you’re willing to sacrifice a whole avocado, you might have better luck. (just put it in a paper bag where you can’t see it for a few days)

  2. Hah. I love avocados soooo muuuch that I tend to buy way too many of them when they are on sale. For example, the other week I found some 59¢ avocados. I got 8. A couple of them were way, way black and stringy… but no sprouted pits! I’ll have to try this!

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