Organic Gardening on the Great Anoka Sand Plain.

Garden Preparation: Part 2

VEGarden - May 2010

Two weeks later we finished spreading the compost and tilling the garden.

Jessi’s half is on the left; Chris’s half is on the right. Let the games begin!

Chris has an entire row planted with onions, peas, broccoli raab, cabbage, carrots … and probably some other things. He spent last weekend planting potatoes. I have violetta italia (purple) cauliflower sprouting, tons of onions, peas, and some beets and chard poking their leaves through the black dirt.

Jessi's Arbor

I planted perennial herbs (sage and catnip so far) and flowers (daisies and blanket flowers) on either side of the entrance to *my* garden. :)

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