Perennial Beds made with Concrete Blocks

Last year I put up a flimsy wood fence to add some definition to my garden’s border. It barely survived the summer, so I wanted to think of something different (and more permanent).

I have been reading a lot of garden blogs this spring, and saw pictures of some great beds formed from concrete blocks. I decided to give it a try, so this year I am putting in two beds lined with the blocks at the front of my garden.

These will be planted with perennial herbs and flowers (mostly transplanted from other areas in our yard). I am also going to try growing strawberries and basil in the holes.

… Also, this post is coming at you from my WordPress for Blackberry App! I can sit in the garden and blog now – woohoo!

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2 Responses

  1. Lynn

    I *love* the idea of using the holes for growing herbs! I’ve been toying with the idea of adding another raised bed, if I do, I may have to steal your idea.

  2. Go ahead and steal the idea!!

    I stole the idea from this forum:

    I actually came across it while doing a google image search for strawberry planters. This person made a pyramid strawberry planter entirely out of concrete blocks! They live in zone 7 though, so I don’t know how well plants would over-winter in the holes up here. But judging by the pictures they posted on that thread (page 2), a lot of things will grow just fine in the holes.

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