Raised bed made from concrete blocks

Jessi's garden, and raised beds

My my terrific brother picked up three loads of these 16″ blocks for me at less than $1 per piece. There are 26 blocks per bed, bringing the project to a grand total to $52 for the frame. (Well, plus labor… but I needed the exercise!) Not too bad. The garden is on a slight hill and so they aren’t perfect. The beds are planted though! They are about 15′ x 4′ each (inside measurements 13.33′ x 2.67′).

I’m holding off on strawberries this year. Inside the beds are catnip, sage, thyme, chives, daisies and artemisia. I may have to move the artemisia out of the beds in a couple of years as it could get too large.

In the back of the bed, I planted alternating holes with last year’s onions that we missed. These will grow tall, and produce beautiful flower heads. I put basil in alternating holes around the rest of the bed, and plan to seed sunflowers in the other holes later this summer. The sunflowers need to be in bloom for cutting mid-September, so I won’t put those in until July.

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