Italian Heirloom Tomato
"Italian Heirloom"
A juicy, sweet, mild-flavored slicing tomato. These are ripe when not quite red - they have a slight orange hue to the skin, and pink flesh. Terrific sandwich/BLT tomato variety. Tall, indeterminate vines loaded with uniform size oval tomatoes.

Amana Orange Heirloom Tomato
Amana Orange
A long-time favorite. Large, meaty, flavorful orange tomatoes. Absolutely perfect sliced on a veggie burger or sandwich. Very sweet, delicious flavor.

Amish Mayberry Heirloom Tomato
Amish Mayberry
They are a fairly meaty large pink cherry tomato. Flavor is pretty good, but they aren't overly sweet. Very nice shape with no cracks - great for slicing into salads!

A mild, yellow heirloom slicing tomato. 10-12 ounce fruits, very little cracking.

Borgio Cellano
New for 2012 - Check back soon! Seed Source: Tomato Bob

New for 2012 - Check back soon!

Husky Cherry Tomato
New for 2012 - Check back soon!

Marvel Striped Tomato
Marvel Striped
Very tasty, but the plants were not as productive as some of the other varieties we tried, so we haven't grown them for a few years.

Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes
Mortgage Lifter
Large, meaty tomatoes with rich flavor. Dark pink when ripe. Fruits are 10-16 ounces each.

Oaxacan Pink
Oaxacan Pink tomatoes are from the Oaxacan region of Mexico. We grew these tomatoes a few times but. They were good, but not as exciting as the Amana Orange tomatoes were.

Pantano Romanesco
New for 2012 - Check back soon! Seed Source: Tomato Bob

Persimmon Tomatoes
New for 2012 - Check back soon! Source: Gordon's Greenhouse (purchased seedling)

Prize of the Trials Cherry Tomato
Prize of the Trials
This is probably my favorite tomato to grow. A large, nearly golf-ball sized perfectly round cherry tomato.

Sabre Ukranian Paste Tomato
Sabre Ukranian
A large striped paste tomato. Unfortunately, of all of our attempts to grow this year after year, it never produced more than a couple of fruits per plant.

Valencia Orange Tomato
A fairly standard orange slicing tomato. Two adjectives to describe this tomato: unexciting, flavorless.

Yellow Pear Tomato
Yellow Pear
A sweet, tasty yellow cherry tomato. Highly productive plants - and easy to find the seeds anywhere.

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