About VEGarden

veg + garden = VEGarden

We have been growing vegetables together for many years, and started this blog in 2006 as a way to track progress and journal our experiences.

We started growing vegetables in Morris, Minnesota in the back and front yard of a city lot. In 2008, we moved to the “Great Anoka Sand Plain”, and now own just over an acre of land. Three months after moving in, we cut out a large section of grass on the north side of the property for a new VEGarden, and expanded it to a 32′ x 68′ plot in 2010. Since we both have very different gardening styles, we split the garden in half: Chris on the east, Jessi on the west. It worked very well in 2010, so we’ll keep our own separate gardens again this year.

We have large plans for fruit trees, berries, and grape vines. Follow our blog for tips and tricks on organic vegetable gardening … links to resources and articles on the subject … photos of our progress … and now the occasional couples’ rivalry.