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Some folks we like

  • Iceberg Web Design: This is Jessi’s full-time job. Iceberg opened in 2005, and the business supports our family (and the garden!)
  • Pomme De Terre Food Co-op: A volunteer-run non-profit Food Co-op in Morris, Minnesota. Jessi was the manager at  PDT from 2005 – 2008.
  • Easy Bean Farm: An organic vegetable farm offering food shares. They are located near Milan, MN. They deliver their shares to Morris, Montevideo, and the Twin Cities. If you love fresh vegetables but don’t have the space (or time) to grow your own, we highly recommend Easy Bean.
  • KUMM: UMM’s student-run radio station. Chris and Jessi were both DJs at KUMM in college… and actually, that’s where we met!

Some small organic farming operations with blogs:

  • _loonatics_: A 2-Acre certified organic farm in Farmington, Minnesota
  • tinyfarmblog: “Organic Microfarming with 2 Acres and Some Tools”

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