Spring is in full swing! Mother Nature hasn’t yet made up her mind – one week it’s highs of 80, and tonight we’re expecting another freeze. But most of my garden is planted (tomatoes and peppers are still waiting in the laundry room for warmer nights), and we’ve been scoping out the perennials.

Cedar and River in the Garden

Above: Cedar and River among a sea of comfrey, dandelions, sea kale, and goumi berries in Chris’s half of the garden.

We’ve harvested asparagus, chives, green onions, various greens, and sea kale so far this year. The rhubarb is already flowering, but we aren’t big on sweets and haven’t yet picked it.

My perennial beds are full with flowers and herbs. We have volunteer sunflowers, dill, and cilantro coming up all over the garden as well (as always!) Here are a few things that are up right now:

And then a tour of Chris’s garden and the rest of the yard:

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