4th of July

We spent much of the day out in the sun, and went for a nice bike ride. Beautiful weather this weekend, and rain possible tonight. I always hope for rain over night....
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More Signs of Spring

Catnip, the earliest spring herb: Also, it looks like the thyme wasn’t even phased by 4 months of freezing weather and more than four feet of snow. Ready to use!


I cut down all the catnip in the garden, which should give some of the other herbs a bit more room to grow. I’m sure well get a couple more good pickings...
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My Garden

So I’ve been busy this spring and my garden plot and seedlings aren’t what I pictured before we started this year. But thats ok. You can see the row I’ve had planted...
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Coming Fall

It’s been cool and cloudy in the morning giving way to sun and warmth come afternoon. The summer squash is winding down even if it doesn’t know it. It along with the...
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Mint We must have gone wrong somewhere with the herbs; either we planted them too late or the soil just wasn’t right. Now, in early August, we finally have basil plants that...
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Papaya Trees

Two kinds of papaya trees and a couple of medjool date palms Though the papayas aren’t technically part of our vegetable garden, I spent a lot of time getting them to germinate,...
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