…three weeks later. These are grapes from back in August. August 21st, actually (before my last update, even!). We’ve been a bit busy…lots of social events. Also, I have been trying to...
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Cabbage Patch Kid

Cedar and I spent much of the day yesterday discovering new things in the garden. I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of him with the cabbage.


These are planted in one of my perennial concrete beds. They are small, but super sweet. Chris has a patch in his half of the garden too. In a couple of years...
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If you’re looking for an easy and attractive plant to grow, give comfrey a try! In the picture, the comfrey is the large, dark-leaved plant. ¬†The plant in front to the right...
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Apple Guild

Chris has been reading about plants to accompany the fruit trees in our apple guild. Meanwhile, I have been brainstorming ways to make it look a bit more presentable. I have been...
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April Flowers

March showers bring…daffodils and a flowering plum tree! Our Nichols Plum Tree¬†exploded this morning with beautiful flowers. I was looking back on previous posts, and when we planted the tree in 2010,...
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Actually, winter is fast approaching with the first snowflakes falling in our area today. We ended up neglecting this blog (and the garden a bit too!) this year, as life quickly got...
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