A curious okra problem?

Okra - infected?
This is a bit odd. All of our okra seedlings are covered – very thickly – in these little clear gelly spheres. They seem like eggs, but the strange thing is that none of the other seedlings (including tomatoes, peppers, sunflowers, papaya, and eggplant) show any signs of the “eggs”.

Also, we haven’t seen any insects. And these have been inside since they were planted – we’re just moving them outside to harden them off for the first time today.

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11 Responses

  1. Yeah, I’ve seen a few other descriptions of this on the Internet, but no identification. Incredibly strange… some kind of secretion?

  2. Violet

    It’s not a problem. “The liquid is natural secretions from the glands on the leaves and stems of the okra plant. The process is natural and causes no damage.”

  3. Billie Jo

    I have these sugar/salt shaped item on my okra leaves.
    Everyone of them. About 75 plants.
    Hoping that this does not cause damage.
    Hating to sell bad plants..

  4. After a lot of research, we learned that this is not a problem at all, and does not cause damage. Your okra are just fine! It’s a natural secretion. Good luck with your plant sales!

  5. Sophie

    Thank you so much for this post! I just saw the very same beads on my okra seedlings, and I too had not yet put them outside. I was freaking out that I had a bug in my apartment!! Good to know!

    Thanks again!

  6. Ellie

    Thanks for the info. I have the exact same thing and was sure it was some sort of egg, and since my seedlings are indoors I had no idea what was going on.

  7. Love okra but have never tried it in Colorado so this is the first time I have not planted seeds in the soil. Just put my seedlings in the ground today and noticed the same beads on the underside of each plant this evening. I’m thankful to know it isn’t a garden pest just introduced to the rest of the garden!

  8. Sugunan Nanoo

    Hello, I am having the same problem as you. There are many tiny, colourless egg like spheres on the leaves of my 4 week old okra plant. How did your situation urn out ?

  9. Hi Sugunan!

    It wasn’t a problem at all! As someone earlier mentioned, this is just a natural secretion from the okra. They eventually just went away, and the plants were just fine.

    Happy gardening!

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