10 days

Just a quick comparison picture: 10 days of growth. June 24th and July 4th. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


A couple of months ago, I busted out the old Juiceman Jr. that I got in college and used a record 2 (maybe 3) times. I always wanted to like juicing, but for...
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Peter Pepper

I’m not quite sure this is what Peter pickled…but if it’s what I think it is, it will be quite the entertaining pepper. Who wants to come over for stir fry later...
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If you’re looking for an easy and attractive plant to grow, give comfrey a try! In the picture, the comfrey is the large, dark-leaved plant.  The plant in front to the right...
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We’ve been stalking this guy since last fall through our living room window. I’ve been trying so hard to get a picture of him, but he’s pretty scared of people. I spent...
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