2015 at VEGarden

This post comes an entire year late. 2016 is the year we start keeping track of our gardening again… I’ve made some aesthetic updates to the site, and have plans to start...
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2014 at VEGarden

We’re still here! This has been quite the busy year with a toddler, home improvement projects, and ongoing life changes. But we’re still gardening, and still slowly transforming the yard into our...
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…three weeks later. These are grapes from back in August. August 21st, actually (before my last update, even!). We’ve been a bit busy…lots of social events. Also, I have been trying to...
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Thirteen Striped Gopher

Technically, they are called thirteen-lined ground squirrels. But we always called them striped gophers growing up. And now we know who made all of the holes in our yard.

Garden Visitor

A few weeks ago, a small orange cat peeked out from the weeds across the street when we were coming home from a walk. Soon, he became more and more friendly. I’ve...
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Cabbage Patch Kid

Cedar and I spent much of the day yesterday discovering new things in the garden. I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of him with the cabbage.
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