Back Garden

Beans, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Buttercup Squash, and Cucumbers. A lot of growing can be done in a month! Our beans are happily climbing up the trellis (some are vining 4 feet up already),...
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The Royal Purple beans have red stems; Tendergreen have the green stems. Both are bush varieties.

Officially Planted!

Well, mostly. Everything except about 20 eggplant seedlings, which are either going in containers or replacing the broccoli raab that we’re about to harvest. Containers would be best, because then we could...
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Bean Trellis

We planted the beans today: Royalty Purple Podded Snap Bush Bean, Tendergreen Bush Bean, Blue Lake 274 Garden Bean, and Blue Lake Stringless Garden Bean (the last two are a couple of...
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