Well, mostly. Everything except about 20 eggplant seedlings, which are either going in containers or replacing the broccoli raab that we’re about to harvest. Containers would be best, because then we could position them to get enough sun… but the problem then becomes finding containers for that many eggplants, and then buying dirt, soil amendments, etc. My guess is that we’ll need to replace a couple of eggplants in the front yard though, so we’re still holding off for a few days.

On Tuesday, we planted 11 tomatoes, 22 chile peppers, 2 okras, and 11 eggplants in the new front garden. The eggplants are quite small, and I’m hoping now that they’re in the ground, they will take off a bit more. We planted basil with the tomatoes, and I still have a packet of dill to plant, which will hopefully be ready around the time that our cucumbers are. Still not sure where to put the dill…

On Wednesday, we had 24 tomato plants left to plant – we managed to fit all but the one I snapped in half when transplanting (oops…) into the garden in the back. That makes 34 tomato plants in all – I’m excited to see how well they produce. I have definited freezing and canning plans for this summer, and we have at least 8 or 10 roma tomato plants, so hopefully we can make some sauces too. We also grew some specialty heirloom tomatoes: Amana Orange, Prize of the Trails Cherry, Oaxacan Pink, and Early Red Chief. One hybrid: Marvel Striped (a yellow/orange tomato). We put the three broccoli in the back yard as well.

The neat thing is that everything in our garden was grown from seed this year. We didn’t buy anything that someone already started for us. Hopefully things will come along nicely over the next few weeks so I’ll have some more exciting pictures to show off online.

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