More and more rain!

(Sorry, no picture this time. I know, I’ve been avoiding this website a bit – a lot of different things have been keeping me very busy, such as my website business, the food co-op, and my dad visiting every weekend to install new windows in my house).

We got 2 1/4” of rain over the weekend. It’s nice not to worry about watering the garden. It’s been pretty cool, but I’ve noticed quite a few more things popping up – even some more summer squash! The weather should warm back up for a few days, which will give the garden a final kick before the fall.

My papyas definitely do not like this cold weather, and I’ve been moving them into the garage for the night. Unfortunately, they didn’t get to experience the humid air when it rained all weekend, because the temperature was pretty much below or around 65ºF the whole time. According to “the experts,” if my papaya plants are exposed to temperatures below 68º, they will never fruit. I’m mostly growing them for the foliage, but the benefit of fruit would be neat, so I’m not taking any chances.

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