Dying tomatoes and a mishap with the beans!


The tomatoes are starting to come to the end of their season. The temperature has dropped below 40 a couple of times now, and all gardens must come to an end some time. Strangely, one of the volunteers at the food co-op told me the other day that her garden is still flourishing – she even said that the eggplants and okra are still doing well! Our okra never amounted to much, and the eggplants surely look like they’re done for the season.


Aside from the cooler weather, it has been very windy recently (in Morris, it’s always pretty windy, though). The bean trellis finally decided that it wasn’t going to take it any more, and landed on the cucumbers and tomatoes. It’s going to have to be repaired for next year; I think we’re going to use the taller two trellises for tomatoes, and think of something else for beans. I want to plant beans in front of the house and also in front of the garage, and tie twine from the ground to the eaves for the beans to grow up.

Now, soon, comes the task of pulling everything out of the ground. I’m going to find some good green tomato recipes (I made a green tomato/apple chutney a couple of weeks ago, and it is really, really good!), and eventually we will need to take care of the beets, carrots, and everything else that we haven’t pulled out yet.

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