VEGarden: the garden!Here’s a fairly good picture of the garden. It’s hard to get a sense of the size from a picture, especially at this point. It’s been mowed, and the Tractor Guy dragged a tiller through it once to break up the sod (though you can’t really tell).

We’ve missed the planting date for peas, and hope that it stays cool enough for some lettuces. It’s difficult working at the mercy of someone else’s schedule and equipment. But as long as it is tilled and workable by May 15th (our average last frost date), we’ll be fine. Chris graduates in two weeks, and I’m really busy with my business so we don’t have too much time to put into it at this point anyway!

We have been busy transplanting and moving plants from the Morning Sky Greenery greenhouse back home (for transplanting), and then moving plants back out there. Until today, our plants were in their heated greenhouse. We moved about 100 plants into the unheated greenhouse this afternoon. The weather has been so nice, and unless we get a hard freeze they should be okay in there. Of course, we’ll be monitoring the weather forecast! It clears up a lot of space in our little dining room that has been transformed into a seed room.

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