2006 Oaxacan Pink Tomato

Seed Source: Seeds of Change

Date Planted: March 5, 2007

Oaxacan Pink tomatoes are from the Oaxacan region of Mexico. We grew these tomatoes last year, but sadly didn’t save any seeds. They were good, but not as exciting as the Amana Orange tomatoes were.

Last year, these tomatoes varied greatly in size – from tiny cherry-sized (or even smaller!) to good palm-sized… on the same plants, even! I wish we had thought to save seeds from both extremes on this plant. We’ll see how they turn out this year, and maybe next year’s seeds will be our own.

We only have 9 Oaxacan Pink tomato plants this year; I’m not sure if they are quite suited for a market, but we wanted to enjoy them ourselves!

Both tomatoes are from last year’s garden. Note the difference in size!

Seedlings this year, April 26

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