A thousand plants waiting for a home

Seedling Room
Here’s a picture of our dining plant room. It rarely looks the same two days in a row, with all the repotting and shifting of plants from the greenhouse and back to the greenhouse.

We didn’t realize how impossible it was going to be to get someone to work only an acre of land. The farmers are too busy, and their equipment is too big for an acre. Most people just laugh and think we’re crazy. We have been playing a game of phone calls talking to people who can’t/won’t help us and then refer us to someone else who can’t help.

I called Midwest Wildlife today, and he said he would come by and look at our acre on Tuesday evening. Of course, he said that it’s getting to be too late, it’s going to take some time because it’s wet, and that this was something we should have done last fall. But we didn’t know we would be gardening on an acre until just under two months ago!

At the very least, we’ve learned some valuable lessons: prepare your land in the fall; don’t depend on outside help; buy farm equipment; plan WAY early. In a few years we’ll have our own farm equipment, and I’ll be posting signs saying that we’ll help anyone and everyone who’s in the position we are currently in!

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