Lower Your Expectations

There hasn’t been time to properly plan or prepare for our big garden. I am graduating from college this weekend and need to study more yet. The other day I found a tray of peppers had been neglected and well over half ended up dying. No picture now – no time. So the new motto is, “Lower your expectations.” (I might yet switch it to “different strokes for different folks” which is also an important lesson for all of us.)

Looking at seed catalogs made me a little excitable and its always easy to talk myself into doing something unmanagable. I may have bought more seed than I needed to. Our plot still hasn’t been tilled. After lowering our expectations and reminding ourselves we have no idea what we are doing we can remain positive. The goal is still just to learn and to decide if this is something worth doing and maybe sell some stuff along the way.

We are going to get everthing plowed and disked and then tilled this weekend or early next week. I just got row covers in the mail to protect some of our crops from pests and warm others up. With this hot weather it might be too hot to put row covers on brassicas – I don’t know. I also got some groundcherries which are fruits in the nightshade family. There are 12 of them and they are supposed to taste a bit like pineapple.

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