Lettuce, Broccoli, Summer Squash, and a Turnip

Jessi’s half of the garden is reaching full-harvest mode!

I probably should have picked the broccoli a couple days ago – it’s just about to flower. There are some nice cauliflower heads out there that I didn’t notice last night. I have more than 20 cauliflower and broccoli plants in the garden, and they seem to be taking quite a while. I started them way back in March – you’d think they would have matured by now. It was a hot spring, though – so maybe that had something do do with it. It’s also getting a bit too hot for lettuce – Chris’s lettuce bolted already. I’ve still got a few heads out there that look like they’ll be just fine for a while.

I pulled the turnip just to get a sense for how big they were getting. They are probably best to eat at this size, but I think I’ll leave them in for another week. We’ll be sick of grilled summer squash, stuffed zucchini, and various zucchini baked goods soon enough – and then we can move on to scalloped turnips and hopefully (very soon!) tomatoes!

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