Sundried Tomatoes (Prize of the Trials cherry tomatoes)

Dehydrated Prize of the Trials

Sundried Tomatoes (Prize of the Trials cherry tomatoes)

The Prize of the Trials Cherry Tomato is probably my favorite tomato to grow… and to eat. Even our terribly blighted tomato plants have been producing these like crazy this summer. They are perfect little sweet orange tomatoes, and we’ve never had a problem with blossom end rot or cracks. They are quite a bit larger than a standard cherry tomato. Wonderful halved or quartered in a salad, or – my favorite – two of them sliced on a sandwich.

We had so many of them this year, and so I cut a bunch in half and threw them in the dehydrator overnight. We are just now finishing our sundried tomatoes from last summer, so it’s time to stock up again.

You can pick up Prize of the Trials tomato seeds at Seeds of Change.

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  1. John

    I just started some more tomato plants of the ones i liked most in my garden by sticking the suckers in a glass of water. Once the roots just start to form i’ll pot them up and eventually plant them out. John. :0)

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