Update from Chris (not in the third person)

Well, it looks like I haven’t posted since June.  I wouldn’t say I’ve been busy exactly.  Just kinda forgot about this place.  I am going start posting more often.  Even so thanks to Jessi we are one of the world’s leading websites for yellow sweet dumpling squash and bean trellis content.

I have been doing a lot of reading about permaculture since this fall and have lots of plans for nut trees, berries and guilds and the like for spring.

I have some thoughts about this past year I plan to write up later.  As you can see from this picture c. October (my garden is in the background) there wasn’t a whole lot growing in the fall.  There was some parsley, broccoli raab – most of which i didnt’t harvest saving it for spring and a huge purple sprouting broccoli which never sprouted any purple broccolis that i mulched and hope will live through the winter.  Thanks to me we also still have 5 or 10 pounds of jerusalem artichoke to eat.  I baked it one night and didn’t care for it much, but its not bad raw.

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