Today… here’s Puck:

Puck's checking out the garden.  He stays in the paths (mostly)
Checking things out. He stays in the paths (mostly).

Broccoli.... cauliflower... kohlrabi!  My FAVORITE!!
“Broccoli…. cauliflower… kohlrabi! My FAVORITE!!”

Enjoying the garden
Enjoying his garden

We’re finally seeing spring days in the 60s and 70s, with beautiful sunshine. But the temperature at night is still dropping into the 30s, which means that our nightshade plants are still traveling between the deck and the kitchen every day.

Tomorrow I hope to put in a good chunk of tomatoes. I’ve had problems with transplants dying off the last few years – not sure if it’s due to planting before a big rain, cutworm, or something else – but recently about 1/3 of my tomatoes’ stems have broken off right above the soil line after planting. So I have a few extras, and will wait to plant a handful for a week to see if I need to replace them with others. I have some large pots that the extras can go into, and a bit of extra space in the garden.

If the forecast looks good on Thursday, hopefully the eggplant and peppers can go out then!

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