Things got off to a late start.

First, we had a baby. He is almost 8 months old now, and really enjoys “helping” out in the garden. I’m sure he’ll be digging on his own in no time:

Cedar with a sunflower

Then we had a late spring. It’s hard to get much done when you get a 12″ snowfall two weeks after you were hoping to plant your peas and carrots!

But, the garden is (miraculously) taking care of itself this year. I’ve really only spent about 4 hours – total – weeding this summer, and didn’t even have the time to put down mulch. So I’m pretty happy with how things have turned out, considering.

VEGarden on August 6th

VEGarden on August 6th

The beans are flowering, and should be producing soon:

Beans at VEGarden

We have two cucumbers, and more on the way (and a lot of green tomatoes!):


There are more than a few giant zucchini that need to be picked (this one below is nowhere near the size of some we have out there!):


From just three tomatillo plants, I believe we will be set with green salsa for life:


…but really, like every other year, we are mostly just growing dill:

dill overruns the garden again

Looking forward to harvest season, to see how this all comes together!

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