Our eggplant seedlings are finally coming through. We replanted them on March 15th, and they finally started to sprout at the very begging of April. We transplanted the seedlings to individual pots...
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Seedling Pictures

Tomatoes, broccoli, and fianlly some eggplants (in the front right). Seems like the rest of our seedlings are growing nicely – not quite as fast as the crazy tomatoes!

Growing Tomatoes

The tomatoes are still growing. The Roma, Early Red, and Cherry are growing fairly quickly. Right now, we are watering just about every two days. We have the pots in trays so...
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Tomato Seedlings

The tomatoes started germinating about 10 days after planting. This picture was taken one month after planting, just after we transplanted the seedlings into their own pots. The Early Red, Roma, and...
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