The fruits are on their way…


Oxacan Pink Tomatoes


Black Eggplant

Last night at the food co-op when we went to pick up our food share, we spoke with another home-gardener who said that she also performs surgery on her squash and pumpkins every year to remove the borers. She said that they always turn out just fine – this leaves me a bit more hopeful, and the fact that we still have zucchini and some random summer squash growing eases my mind a bit.

Also, she said that her eggplant were starting to get little fruits… and this morning there is a small black eggplant! The flowers on some of the eggplants are starting to fold up, and within a couple of weeks we should be regularly harvesting eggplants!

Additionally… we mentioned that a lot of our tomatoes have blossom end rot, and the home-gardener said, “that will go away.” She’s gotten four tomatoes out of her garden so far this year – we ate an amana orange tomato and a couple of romas last week, and with the pink ones starting to ripen, I don’t think we’re too far behind at all. We got our first tomatoes this week in our food share from Easy Bean, so it seems like this year they are slow to ripen. If only we could get some rain…

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