No Squash Flowers or Green Onions. Some Kale Sprouted.

These are flowers from squash and/or pumpkin. This morning while watering the garden one fell off and it made me think I should try picking a bunch and frying them. I picked about 6 and put them in a paper towel and jessi thought they were garbage and threw them in with the dog business (can i say crap? i don’t think thats offensive. i apologize if my grandma or someone ever comes across this)! maybe next time.

it is a law that i take pictures of the garden to post about. whats frustrating is how bad i am at taking pictures. this kale sprout is case in point, but we all get the idea – the kale i planted is sprouting.


the idea of this picture was to illustate that lots of my green onions got ruined from the dudes who came and put in a new gas line. it turns out they also broke a shovel. i saved the metal part cause it looked like it was a good shovel. also they like to eat beef jerky and drink squirt. even though i will have less delicious green onions to eat and it is their fault they were nice guys on the whole. they did move all our eggplants in containers out of the way.

today i bought some more seeds. its mostly cover crops for winter/spring and some herbs to plant inside! for this weekend i hope to get started on making my cold frames and/or dig up some grass for a new garden area next year. its been warm the last few days, but i’m sure fall will sneak up on us.

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