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It’s been cool and cloudy in the morning giving way to sun and warmth come afternoon. The summer squash is winding down even if it doesn’t know it. It along with the other squashes, pumpkins and cucumbers continue to make more flowers even as their leaves turn yellow and then brown. Here is our last and sadly only third summer squash (a story told on another post) still on the vine.

Yesterday I planted kale, corn salad, raddichio and parsley. Hopefully its not too late. I haven’t gotten around to building or even thinking about cold frames yet and more distractions continue to present themselves.

Also pictured are the mysterious onion sprouts I discovered when preparing a seed bed for the Kale. Supposedly brassicas do well after an onion crop. We had no luck with cabbage or broccolli this spring/summer and the brussell sprouts are more sprouts than brussell at this point. I am not expecting much, but I doubt those damn cabbage moths are still around. Last week I planted some spinach and green onions. Some of the spinach seem to have been eaten up (along with some beet sprouts) and there wasn’t all that much to begin with, but the green onions look great.

Still needs to be planted (and soon): radishes, more carrots, cover crops, and eventually some lettuce and more corn salad.

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