A.K.A.: Shah Tomato

Mikado White Tomato Seedling

Seed Source: Amish Land Heirloom Seeds

Date Started: March 23, 2007

“Mikado” is a comic opretta by Arthur Sullivan and W. S. Gilbert that opened in 1885 in London. It is likely that the tomato was named after this opera, as the history of the tomato can be traced back to about 1886. The Mikado White Tomato is commonly known as a brandywine tomato for its flavor.

The seedling picture was taken on April 26, just about a month after emerging from the dirt. We have 18 Mikado White seedlings for the garden this summer.

Watch this post and the Tomato Varieties category, as we will be adding more varieties soon and updating each page frequently throughout the season.

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