WorldOur area has been participating in a ten-year drought for… well, about ten years now! We got about 1/4 inch last – great for the dirt, but not great for getting our untouched land mowed and tilled.

We met out at the new garden with the Gary (henceforth known as the Tractor Guy). He was planning to bush-hog the tall grass at 9 this morning, but it had to be put off because of the rain. It’s afternoon now, and hasn’t rained since… we were out there for three hours this morning and got a lot of sun and a lot of wind. The Tractor Guy said that he would bush-hog soon – in an hour even – if the rain stayed away.

The ground will then need a good two or three tillings – he is going to go over it twice (North-South and then East-West) with a deep till setting, and then again with a smaller setting. We are working on borrowing a hand-tiller for the summer.

The tomatoes are World’s Miracle Tomato seedlings, seeds from Amish Land Seeds, originally from Russia. Huge paste tomatoes.

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