Great White Tomato SeedlingsMy 2007 garden plan calls for 285 tomatoes. As of yesterday, we have planted 286 cells/soil blocks of tomatoes. This is a closeup of Heirloom Great White Tomato seedlings, planted about a month ago and moved into larger pots. (These were planted before we got our soil block maker).

I had thought we were a bit behind on planting, and so we rushed to the hardware store Saturday morning to see what they had. I actually found some heirloom varieties there, so we’re giving them a shot. Plus, we needed a “red” tomato, because until yesterday we had only planted white, orange, pink, bi-colored, and paste tomatoes!

Eventually we’ll have info about every variety of every vegetable/fruit we’re growing, probably a wiki… when we have time to write more and when the plants start to grow enough to talk about them!

Interested in heirloom tomatoes? We’re growing ten, possibly 12 varieties of heirlooms… 14 varieties in all. (The two non-heirloom varieties are Delicious and Sweetie Cherry. I’m fairly certian, but not positive, that the Roma VF and Gardener’s Delight cherry are heirlooms, but the package doesn’t say for sure).

So, this is neat: a break-down of our tomatoes:

  • White Slicing: 60 plants (3 varieties, all heirloom)
  • Red Slicing: 61 plants (2 varieties, 1 heirloom)
  • Other Color Slicing: 55 plants (3 varieties, all heirloom)
  • Paste: 73 plants (3 varieties, 2 heirlooms and the Roma)
  • Cherry: 37 plants (3 varieties, 1 heirloom, Gardener’s Delight, and another)

I think this is a great mix, and I’m really, super excited about the white tomatoes. Maybe we have too many of them (**though they haven’t all come up yet, so we may end up having fewer), but I think they’ll be a huge hit at Farmers Markets. And I’m itching to make some white tomato sauce.

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