Seedling RacksApril 10th we got an inch of snow. The same day, a box from Jordan Seeds arrived with… well, at least tens of thousands of seeds. We’re playing in the big leaugues now I guess – if you don’t want packets of NK seeds from the hardware store, then you have to buy seeds in one thousand packs.

So, any home gardeners that may be reading this… if you’re interested in cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, peppers, squash, or other vegetables… we’d be happy to sell you an assortment of goodies!

It warmed up quite a bit today and the snow is starting to disappear. We had hoped to get the garden plot tilled before April 15th so that we could plant the first round of radishes, carrots, lettuce, and greens… but it looks like it will be at least another week before the ground dries out enough to till.

Morning Sky Greenery, a native prairie plant business in Morris, has been helping us out a lot with our garden project. We don’t have much room in our converted dining room (see above picture), so we brought most of our tomatoes out there this afternoon to keep in their greenhouse until we move them to the garden. We get to use some of their greenhouse space, and we’re getting some potting mix from them. We will have to store a few more seedlings out there this spring.

Lots in store for tonight: we hope to plant all of our peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant, okra, and brussels sprouts.

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