straw potatos

potatostrawSince it was Sunday we tried to take it easy, but I planted some potatos in straw next to the garden. Nigel ate a few when I wasn’t looking, but there are still plenty.

We decided we’d plant all the potatos in straw on account of how clay-y the soil is. This is a picture from the other day so you can’t see all the old logs i put to mark the potato plot.

Apparently, what you do is just put more and more straw on top of the plant and the potatos keep making more tubers. This appeals to me as I read One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuokaa few months back and that guy uses straw for EVERYTHING.

My hope is to follow they way of natural farming and try to avoid doing stuff. Thats when you get into trouble. I also learned never to use bare hands handling really dry grass.

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