Kallie and Snow Crown Cauliflower

Cauliflower is one of my favorite vegetables to grow. I’ve always had good luck with it, and we usually get larger heads than you can find at the supermarket. I just pulled this one out of the garden today – Kallie is more than happy to show how large it is. She’d actually eat this after it’s cooked (if we gave her some); our dog loves cauliflower straight from the garden.

The biggest downfall to growing cole crops are these pesky worms:

Cabbage Worms

We still have cabbage butterflies flying around the garden, laying eggs. The worms can do a lot of damage – this time of year, all of the leaves on our cole crops are full of giant holes. I have never tried an insect control method for these (besides picking them up) – we were talking about maybe trying Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) next year on the cole crops to see if it helps.

However, I’ve found that while the insects do a lot of damage to the leaves, as long as the plants are healthy (good soil, water, and weather) they can withstand a fair amount of snacking. I’m soaking this head of cauliflower in a sink full of water right now, just to make sure that any remaining worms don’t accidentally make it into tonight’s dinner!

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