Taking a break

If my counting is correct, we got in 280 tomato plants and 300 brassicas this weekend. We still have eggplants, peppers, and okra transplants to put in. The southeast corner of the garden tilled up the nicest, so after the hard work digging holes and planting tomatoes, we planted a lot of seeds: onion sets, lima beans, and various squashes and cucumbers.

Lisa came on Monday to help us again, and the work goes by so much quicker with a third person. Unfortunately, she is moving back to Duluth this week!

I leave for a workshop in Utah on Thursday, and I’ll be gone until June 11th. So hopefully Chris will have time to keep this website updated… I want to see pictures while I’m away! It’s up to him now to finish the transplants and decide if any more seeds will be going in. Oh, and figure out where to get a lot of compst and mulch!

Today we are hoping for rain. The forecast says 70%… but that really doesn’t mean much any more.

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