Sabre Ukrainian Tomato Seedlings

Seed Source: Amish Land Seeds

Date Planted: March 23, 2007

Amish Land Seeds claims to be the only US Source for this paste tomato! The Sabre Ukrainian tomatoes are very large paste tomatoes with few seeds. They get their name from the shape (think, sword). They are very similar to the World’s Miracle Tomatoes we have this year, but are said to ripen late in the season.

We have 27 Sabre Ukrainian seedlings.

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  1. I grew this out last year and I absolutely LOVED them. During my seedsaving however I seem to have misplaced them. I checked back with Amishland this year to order more however Lisa did not save back any seed for sale for 2008. Do you have any idea where I can get some more?

    We are desperate to have more and don’t know where to get some.

  2. pamela

    here too. I wanted so bad to try these this year and when I went to order they were sold out, does anyone know where I could get a few seeds?
    I’m dieing to try them!

  3. Rob

    I would like to get seeds for the Sabre Ukranian tomatoe if any have a supply.. A friend of mine and I are looking for them and wanting to try out that variety, Thanks!

  4. I wish I had saved seeds! I got them here: — it doesn’t look like they have them any more, unfortunately. I will definitely look for them again next year.

    The summer got busy and I didn’t follow up with my tomato posts as much as I wanted to. And we are planning/hoping to move so we didn’t garden ANYTHING this year. Instead, we planted grass seed over the garden. Kind of sad. Next year….

  5. just passed this doing research. I have seeds of this tomato. I grew it out last year. It did poorly and I got very few tomatoes from it. It had a decent amount of seeds in the few tomatoes though.

    Do ya’ll have any other tomato seeds? Maybe we could trade 5 seeds for 5 seeds?

    I need yellow zebra, white zebra, big zebra, big white pink stripes, green zebra, zebra heart, especially Tom’s Yellow Wonder, Green Copia, Black Pineapple, white current, and any other rare types.

    Oh, be advised, Amishland seeds may not be telling the whole truth about her tomatoes. Do a search for Lisa Amishland, and you’ll find out some things.

    Andrey is a really great guy from Belarus, who is kind enough to share seeds for no personal gain. He gave seeds to Lisa, and she claims they are her “exclusive” for HER personal gain.

    I read on some forum, tomatoville? that these “Ukrainian Saber” tomatoes are actually “supposedly” called Sabelka “little Sabre” a “supposedly” “commercial” variety in it’s home country, and NOT an heirloom as she claims.

    That being said, I like the plant, but will call it Sabelka as not to confuse it with another tomato by the name of Sabre, that is a red round variety I believe.

    Do some research on this if you like.

  6. Hi Tomatogrower,

    Thank you for the comments!

    We didn’t have much luck with the Sabre Ukrainian tomatoes producing – and last year we tried World’s Miracle – also a paste tomato (wonderful tasting, very little juice, few seeds) that grew well but put out… oh, maybe 6? fruits per vine.

    After a bad case of blight in 2010, I tossed all of our saved seeds- including my 6th generation Amana Orange tomatoes. I’m planting some hybrid blight-resistant varieties and a only few heirlooms this year. I’m not sure yet where they will go. My two favorites (Amana and Prize of the Trials Cherry) will be going in large pots on the other side of the house, with hopes of keeping blight free so I can start over with saving seeds.

    I didn’t order any of the varieties you mentioned this year. Hopefully the vines we do plant this year will stay healthy, so we can enjoy a much better heirloom variety in 2010!

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