Super Marmande Tomato Seedlings

Seed Source: Ace Hardware (American Seed Company)

Date Planted: April 7, 2007

Marmande is a commune in southwestern France, a known producer of tomatoes. They hold a festival every July to celebrate their tomatoes.

One week into April, we realized that we had not bought and red tomato seeds! We were too busy focusing on fancy colored heirlooms, and completely forgot to plant one or two “standards.” I picked up some packets of Marmande and Delicious tomato seeds at a local hardware store and quickly planted them. It was very much an impulse buy, but I discovered later that the Marmande tomato is indeed an heirloom. Plus, Marmande is supposed to make an excellent market variety.

We were a bit late on transplanting these, but we have about 36 plants. I am not expecting them all to survive – a couple are starting to wilt pretty badly.

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