I’ve been slowly working on ordering seeds for this year.

The envelope is already sealed on my order from Sandhill Preservation Center in Iowa.  I will post what I got when I plant it.  But I am excited to try the sweet potatoes I ordered from them.

I am still looking for a good paste tomato to plant.  I will also be trying out Stupice, which I ordered from Bountiful Gardens last year.  It is an early tomato that is supposed to produce throughout the season.  Most of my tomatoes are going to planted from seed outside.  Thats a blog post for another day…

I have also ordered some trees.  I have hazelnuts, chestnuts and hickories on order from Badgerset.  Jessi has ordered a scary amount of grapes to line our fence out front.  And I am planning on possibly getting a couple Northern Pecans and Oak trees from Oikos as well as some trees from the county conservation district and native plants from Morning Sky Greenery.  There is a lot of work I’d like to do, but there are limits to my time, attention span and cash so a lot of these plans will have to be put off.

There are a few more herbs I’d like to get as well, but other than that I am trying to keep everything down to a manageable size to do limits on my time and money.

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