Before the weekend, we still had 6″ of snow covering the ground. It’s amazing how fast things change this time of year! Of course, CBS says that we may see 3-5″ of white stuff again this week… but the season is definitely changing. Chris has found a lot of neat things sprouting in his garden already and has plans to put in potatoes soon. Actually, he may have been out there seeding lettuce and other cool crops this weekend.

My garden is finally cleared from snow, so I took some time to investigate.

Spring Onion, sprouting

Apparently we missed some onions. Last year we also found some onions we missed, and they produced some stunning flowers. Here’s our resident model showing off what happens if you don’t harvest your onions:

Puck in the garden, with Onions and Poppies

They are the long, green stems with pretty white flowers on top. Here’s a link to a close-up picture of the onion flowers. (He’s a 95-pound dog … those are some big onions!)

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