A few days of 100ºF heat is all it takes to turn asparagus into a giant, flowering bush!

Flowering Asparagus

Flowering Asparagus

Flowering Asparagus

This is our third season gardening here, so we haven’t harvested asparagus yet. Unfortunately, it is planted in a bad location; it was one of the first things we put in the yard and didn’t give much thought to where the garden would go before we planted it, so it is awkwardly right between the garden and the compost pile, and it gets walked over a lot.

I’ve read that asparagus is difficult to transplant, but I may try moving it to a better location.

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2 Responses

  1. Jennifer Scheper

    How big does the bush get? I am thinking about planting some next year. Do you know if you can plant it midseason or fall?

  2. The “bush” is quite a bit taller than I am; here’s a picture I found online that shows what an asparagus patch looks like in the summer: Asparagus Patch

    I think you’re supposed to plant it in the spring; if you checked a garden center you may still find some from this year that would probably work if you planted now. You won’t be able to find it to plant in the late summer or fall, and if you order online they wouldn’t ship until spring anyway.

    You’re supposed to let it branch out like this for at least the first two years, so the leaves take in energy from the sun and help establish the root system. So it takes 3-4 years after planting until you can harvest.

    Good luck!!

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