I should be working…but it’s a beautiful sunny day and spring is fast approaching. So, my inner dork is taking over for a few minutes.

2012 Garden Mock-up in Excel

I know some of you do the same thing (I’ve seen you admit it!), so hopefully this will be appreciated. This is a very rough first draft. I’m planning on planting sweet corn this year, which takes up a lot of space.

I’m also planning on cutting *way* back on the number of tomatoes that I put in. I love heirloom tomatoes, but we have had so many problems with blight, that I think this year I am just going to purchase some blight-resistant hybrid varieties at the greenhouse up the road. I’ll probably pick up my peppers and some of the cole crops there, too. I love starting seeds inside, but we have a lot going on this spring (and I have some big business development plans as well). It’s a lot of work starting everything inside.

One of our goals for the near future is to get a greenhouse set up. Something just big enough to start seedlings in.

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  1. Lynn K

    I recently read something about lack of calcium contributing to blight and blossom end rot. Have you had your soil sampled? You may want to amend the soil with lime to strengthen your tomato plants.

  2. Yes, we have added lime. We just added a TON of dirt (and more lime) this fall, so hopefully that will help. I’m sure the soil has something to do with the blight – but we haven’t had a problem with blossom end rot here. We should have the soil tested though, since we have added so much to it.

    Everyone else in our neighborhood has blight on their tomatoes too, though. I think it is really hard to get rid of once you have it, because the fungus can stick around in the soil for a long time.

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