According to the US Drought Monitor we are in a moderate-to-severe drought right now. It’s been an unusually snowless year, and I’m starting to get a bit worried about some of the new perennials we put in our yard this past season. Fortunately today, we got a bit of welcomed snow:

February Snow

Here’s the garden (nothing too interesting, sorry):

February Garden

In other news, an Angus Beef door-to-door sales man rang our doorbell today. I answered the door with a chuckle, informing him that he had just found a house full of vegans! We both had a good laugh – he said “I saw your garden so I wasn’t quite sure if you’d be interested!” I asked how often that happens, and he said very rarely – he’d never run into an entire household of vegetarians before (though there are only two of us here so I suppose that’s not so odd). We talked for a minute or two; hopefully he’ll have another laugh when he tells the anecdote to his family over their steak dinner tonight.

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