Lettuce, Onions, and Peas

5″ of rain in 24 hours

May 23-24 dumped 5" of rain on us!

While a nice downpour is always welcome, torrential rains like this tend to do more harm than good. We had a rainy July last year, and my uncle’s farm took quite a beating. They are open every fall for pumpkin season, and the kid’s corn maze was completely flooded out and destroyed. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again this summer.

We did get 5″ of rain in a 24-hour period Wednesday afternoon into Thursday. The cooler temperatures have made this perfect weather for peas and lettuce – though I don’t know that they appreciate quite that much rain. I had seeded the rest of my sweet corn on Tuesday, so hopefully the seeds didn’t all wash away.

Lettuce and Peas

Above: green romaine lettuce and sugar daddy snap peas.

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