Yard Long Red Noodle Bean Sprouts

We got nearly 2.5″ of rain last night. Most everything is off to a pretty good start. I have two more succession plantings of corn to put in, and also some bush beans. I’ve been slowly working on mulching with grass clippings, but we’ve had a dry couple of weeks so there wasn’t much to mulch with after mowing.

I decided to modify my $5 Bean Teepees from a couple years ago. They worked pretty well, but the twine at the top didn’t stay in place and I found myself readjusting them all summer long. For a couple of bucks, I picked up some PVC couplings to hold the pipes together:

Modified Bean Teepee

I only bought one variety of pole beans this year (Yard Long Red Noodle Beans), and I’ve only put up one teepee so far. The bases of the teepee are in two rows, so you walk under the teepee when walking between the back two rows. I have sweet corn planted with the beans.

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