Just a few pictures from June 3rd.

Red Bell Peppers:

Red Bell Pepper


Cole Crops (cabbage, broccoli, brussels, cauliflower):

Cole Crops - June 3rd


Sweet Corn:

Sweet Corn - June 3rd


The Garden, June 3rd:

VEGarden June 3rd

The strawberries are done for the spring, but they look to be spreading, so hopefully next year we’ll have a better harvest. I need to mulch these (well, I still need to mulch almost everything) – I’ve been too busy with other projects and haven’t spent as much time outside this spring as I would have liked to.

Snap peas should be ready any day – they are flowering and the plants have nearly reached the tops of their trellises. In front of them are carrots and some hot peppers. I pulled out the spinach (finally!) and planted mung beans, black eyed peas, and a handful of fava beans in their place. It’s too late for fava beans, but they are a terrific cover crop (great for fixing nitrogen), and I’m curious to see how they grow. On the to-plant list for next year!

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