A view of the garden from the deck:

VEGarden June 10th

Nothing too exciting to report. We started picking peas last week – I put them in on March 17th, so they took 83 days (23 days longer than peas normally do – perhaps this is just Minnesota growing weather?) We can seed another planting of peas for fall in a few weeks, too. Chris has a bunch of potatoes (as always), and the cole crops are giant. Of course, crab grass is creeping in too – and there is a rabbit who insists on breaking off and eating my sunflowers ๐Ÿ™

VEGarden June 10th

Puck helped me finish mulching this morning in 85ยบ heat. Strong storms are expected tonight, so I’m really hoping for a good downpour – it’s been dry and hot this week.

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