Here’s a fun little graphic:

July 4th 7 day forecast

(That’s the CBS 7-day forecast for Minneapolis)

But, but…I have the day off and I have garden plans! The heat index will likely be close to 110º today with humidity in the upper 70s. Fortunately, our air conditioning is keeping the house at a comfortable 75º. I should probably turn that up a few degrees…not looking forward to the energy bill next month.

Given the heat, the tentative plan is short 10-minute intervals in the garden pulling out cole crops and replacing them with vegetables for fall. We’ll see how much I actually get done.

Snow Crown Cauliflower

Here’s another Snow Crown Cauliflower that’s ready to be picked. We have a bunch of Cheddar Cauliflower that is ready to come out as well. Much to my disappointment, I learned earlier this year that Cheddar Cauliflower is owned by Monsanto. I still have a packet of seeds from a couple years ago, and decided to plan them anyway. They are a bit smaller, with tighter heads than this variety and have a slight yellow hue (sorry, I don’t have a picture to add right now!). I’ll grow them until I run out of seeds, but probably won’t be buying them again once we run out.

(Click here for a list of Monsanto-owned vegetable varieties – worth the read.)

Emerald Cross Cabbage

Above is one of my Emerald Cross Cabbages. (You can see some of the damage from the cabbage worms on the leaves – but the cabbage itself seems to have survived snacking). At least two of these are ready to be picked; there are four more out there, and a half dozen Late Flat Dutch Cabbages, as well as six Ruby Red Cabbages that still have a few weeks left.

I have a few empty spots in the garden where the peas and lettuce were. Once the cole crops are also removed, here’s the list of fall veggies I’m planning to put in today:

  • Beets
  • Chard
  • Turnips and/or Parsnips (I’m not sure which seeds we have)
  • Bok Choi/Chinese Cabbages
  • Greens – mustard, spinach, collards, chard
  • Snap Peas
  • Lettuce
  • More Cauliflower

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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